Robert Benjamin


Contemplative Look
Tailored Clothes

Charm: 0
Cool: +1
Sharp: +2
Tough: -1
Weird: +1

Class Moves
Often Right
The Man With The Plan
- Lore Library
- Mystic Library
- Armory


Me to Jack – He came to me for advice, and my advice got them out of trouble. He was cursed and I advised him how to proceed.
Jack to Me – I’m his hero, exactly the kind of monster hunter he aspires to be. He worships me because of my advice and because of my rational demeanor.

Me to Jesus – He knows about some of my dark secrets, but they’ve agreed to keep quiet about them. He knows my wife was infertile, I have an illegitimate child, and I have cancer.
Jesus to Me – I taught him to control his powers, to the extent that he can control them at all.

Me to Paul – We were previously both members of an eldritch group, now disbanded. He left because they wanted to bring a witch into the group. I left to focus on completing my PhD and forwarding my career.
Paul to Me = He lost control one time, and almost killed me. I hamstrung him with a silver sword until more help could arrive. He still has the scars on his legs.

Me to Ivy – She once helped me get a singular item that is now part of my haven. It is an ancient grimoire called The Dhol Chants.
Ivy to Me – I was there when she was summoned. The summoners were a bunch of academics that were part of a cult.

Robert Benjamin

Fear of the Dark Clorp